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Branch established--Guangxi Pingguo Guichuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Category: company news
Date: 2019-04-25
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Author: 佚名

Guangxi Pingguo Guichuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of food packaging machinery automation lines. It is wholly-owned by Guangzhou Dachuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. The company is located in Guangzhou and was established in 1997. Our company has rich design and planning experience for food packaging machinery, and can provide professional solutions for customers. The products are sold all over the country and have successfully entered the international market and exported to Japan, Korea, Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Waiting for countries and regions. In order to respond to the call of the country to build the western development, adapt to the requirements of the era of industrial transfer, but also to reduce the cost of manufacturing our products, improve the competitiveness of the market, and at the same time realize the personal desire to develop the home economy, so our company in Pingguo County Established Guangzhou Dachuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Food packaging machinery automation line flat fruit production base - - Guangxi Pingguo Guichuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Guichuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. The company is constantly creating various conditions, gradually improving various systems, and striving to build a company full of hope and vitality. Our company is a company with broad prospects and great potential. A company that is passionate and needs passion. It will be a solid platform for your ingenuity to work and achieve. In the face of the hard work, the opportunities are always equal, as long as you work hard, your superiors will understand. To make a difference, we must be able to withstand the test of good deeds. To come to a new environment, the first is to understand and integrate. Therefore, I hope that you can lower your posture and adapt to innovation.

“School of the Sea”, Guichuan Smart Equipment is a learning-oriented enterprise. We firmly believe that learning is the driving force and the inexhaustible source of enterprise development, and the only way for everyone to grow. We hope that employees can improve their abilities and accomplishment through continuous learning and grow with the company. We work in study and learn at work.

We know that the formation and development of any excellent enterprise is inseparable from the "people-oriented" corporate culture and the warm humanistic care between each other, which is one of our business philosophy. We look forward to letting every employee experience the warmth and care of the Guichuan smart device family. Our vision for the future of the company: the constantly improving salary and benefits, the environment that will create colorful cultural and sports activities in the future, and the implementation of a series of talents. Training plans and more. These will record the growth footprint of Guichuan intelligent equipment people, comprehensively expand the development space, and catalyze the realization of career development goals. I hope that in the Guichuan smart equipment family, every employee can fully realize their own value and their potential can be exerted infinitely. The company is striving to create a quality work environment, and hopes that employees can work here to get a relaxing and comfortable experience, so that the sun is immersed in every day.

Similarly, the development of enterprises is inseparable from the perfect system and standardized management. Therefore, the company has prepared this employee handbook, which is designed to guide the behavior of employees and is designed to be managed according to the “law”. Our employee handbooks have some binding terms, some of which may still be somewhat unreasonable, and we will continually make corrections to make them more reasonable and perfect, and you must strictly abide by the gradual improvement process. We look forward to working with you to create a harmonious, pleasant and positive working atmosphere.

The sea is vast with its vastness and Nabaichuan; the mountain is dominated by its heavy and vicissitudes. At present, although our production base is small in scale, we have the minds of the rivers and rivers, and we believe that the company's production scale will be larger and larger. In the future, we will continue to focus on users and adhere to the core spirit of “dedication, integrity, collaboration, fairness, enterprising, and win-win”, vigorously promote technological progress, continuously improve management, earnestly fulfill social responsibilities, and provide users with dedication. First-class services and products, strive to create and enhance the value of user investment. With the temperament of long winds and waves, we are pursuing a realm of ignorance! The contribution of each of our Guichuan smart devices will be included in the company's history. Guichuan Intelligent Equipment is willing to work together with you to pursue your dreams and create a better future.

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